Resources for Educators


Links to Research and Best Practice:

Manipulatives Enhance the Learning of Mathematics

Intervention Central (Awesome place for math intervention ideas!)

Procedural Fluency vs. Conceptual Understanding: Procedural Fluency = Math Stamina (It is more than just memorizing math facts!)

What is Conceptual Understanding? (A quick 4 page read.)

Nine Ways to Catch Kids Up (By Marilyn Burns)

FREE Resources:

Win-Win Math Games by Marilyn Burns

Awesome article describing 4 math games to play in the classroom to motivate students and fit in paper pencil practice.

Math Games





A “To Scale” Multiplication Table

You can find an amazing multiplication table, both in black and white and color, as well as one with and without the numbers on it at the griddle.

Multiplication Table








7 thoughts on “Resources for Educators

  1. I feel the same as you. I have been teaching Math in Middle School for 13 years and this year I am teaching 4th grade Math. I love your project ideas, they are based on solving a problem and not problem solving. Please keep them coming. I will be contacting you as I teach in a Title 1 school. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Nashville, TN

    • Cheryl,

      It is always nice to find someone who agrees, and if you have suggestions for how to help me improve I would value that feedback!

      Good luck with your new change, you will LOVE 4th graders. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. I am a special education teacher( 4th – 6th Special Day Class) and I really appreciate and agree with your thinking. Each year i try to move closer to my ideal classroom where I am guiding student learning instead of just giving assignments. Thank you for your ideas and inspiration

    • Thank you for the warm compliments! You are an expert in differentiation in your position I bet. I am sure there is a lot I could learn from you, too! The more we share, the more we learn. 🙂

  3. Wow! I just stumbled upon your page through pinterest and I am loving it. This is my goal in my own math teaching but I am struggling with teaching for understanding while also teaching the district’s math program which is procedural and weak. Any suggestions or advice? Also I am from a state that has not adopted CC.

    • Jessie,

      Thanks for the compliments!

      That is tough that you have to teach a math program that you don’t love. I started small, and tried new things little by little. If you start with one piece that you like and then back it up with data it can’t be argued. My students still take the same unit test, and we still meet the same learning targets that are required of us (we are a CCSS state), and they have performed the same or better with other students who don’t have a workshop model. In another post, I’ll talk about what my math block looks like, and maybe we could compare how we are similar or different. That will be coming soon. Definitely feel free to email me: and we can maybe swap resources and share more information!

      Again, starting small is what really will help!

  4. Can I please get a copy of what your math block looks like? After 26 years of teaching I need a change so my students will do better on state test.

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