Make it Real World!

The number one issue that I have with math tools, is that students need to be able to relate to it on their level. Base 10 blocks, while concrete, can be difficult to work with primary students without any context. Here is the context for today…please enjoy the delight your students experience as they pretend their blocks are candy! Base 10 Blocks have never been so exciting!


  1. I love the idea of finding more concrete models for the students. I have a problem with the need to purchase candy to complete the task. I use “school money”. Pennies, dimes, one dollar, 10 dollar, 100 dollar, 1000 dollar bills, etc all work really well for counting, adding, subtracting, regrouping, and place value.

    I found the larger bills on the internet and made copies. We use them for all types of modeling and problem-solving.


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